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Psalm 46 Our Storm Shelter

May 26th, 2015

“We sing this Psalm to the praise of God, because God is with us, and powerfully and miraculously preserves and defends his church and his word, against all fanatical spirits, against the gates of hell, against the implacable hatred of the devil, and against all the assaults of the world, the flesh and sin.” – Martin Luther.

Psalms 46 is often called Luther’s song because it was one of Martin Luther’s favorite songs to sing. When anyone was worried or surrounded by trouble, Luther would say, let us sing Psalm 46.

Psalms 46 is a Psalm of Confidence. It is a Psalm to be sung when we are afraid, when it feels like our enemies are surrounding us. Luther wrote 36 hymns but his hymn based of Psalms 46, A Mighty Fortress is our God: Read the rest of this entry »