Heaven on Earth Revelation 20:1-6

34534In 1987 one of the top 100 billboard songs was a song by Belinda Carlisle called, “Heaven is a Place on Earth.”  The beginning of the song starts out with the chorus singing:

 Ooh, baby, do you know what that’s worth?
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.
They say in heaven love comes first.
We’ll make heaven a place on earth.
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.

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Our Warrior King Revelation 19:11-21

456456While the world was going through the Tribulation, the raptured church was in heaven being presented to the Bridegroom.  She has been miraculously protected by a Father who loves His children.  He has hidden Israel’s remnant away in an undisclosed area.  The Tribulation saints have either been martyred and are safe in heaven or they have weathered the hell on earth by His power and presence with them.  Now the time has ticked off the kingdom calendar and the moment for Jesus’ physical return to earth is about to occur.  The redemption of mankind is entering its final hour.  This thought should be on our minds often.  It has been said that studying Revelation and specifically the return of Christ is one of the least preached and taught messages in the Bible. In the rapture He comes for His saints and in the second coming He comes with His saints.   As His followers it ought to be at the forefront of our minds.  We patiently and eagerly look for His coming.  I love the verse in 2 Timothy 4:8 where Paul describes Christians as those “who have loved His appearing.” Continue reading


A Marriage Made in Heaven Revelation 19:1-10

4345One again after we see the wrath of God being poured out on Babylon, the wayward church known as the Harlot and the economical system of the entire world, our eyes turn to heaven to see great worship. Wrath and Worship has continued to be a core theme throughout the book of Revelation as much as Judgment and Love is throughout the bible. They are two sides of the same coin. You cannot have one without the other. It is because of God’s great and perfect love that judgment of sin must come for all sin is a failure to love God and others as we were created and called to love God and others.  Instead we love creation and created things more than the Creator and worship them instead. It is because of this the wrath of God comes, because men are absolutely corrupt and sinful in nature and without hope. We are constantly failing to love God and others.  We are continually rebelling against God and committing adultery against Him through our idol worship. Through our preference of depending on created things, instead of our Creator. We have sinned against God. Continue reading


The Empire Destroyed Revelation 18

5655We come to the point that coincides with the seventh bowl judgment.  The destruction of the world system headquartered in Babylon will be the last event before the glorious return of Christ.  The destruction will be swift and sure.  The apostate church, which Rebekyah taught us last week, has been destroyed.  Now we see the political and commercial empire come down like Jericho’s walls.  Let’s take a look and see the mighty hand of God as He sweeps it across the evil empire of the Antichrist and the world that has cursed His name. Continue reading


The Superbowl Seven Revelation 16

23342We now come to the bowl judgments.  First we had the seals which ushered in the tribulation period.  Then there were the trumpet judgments over a period of time that escalated to the period we are about to study tonight.  The 144,000 evangelists have been preaching, the two witnesses have proclaimed God’s truth, the angel has spoken the gospel and man has still refused to repent.  Now the bowl judgments will begin and they will be rapid-fire judgments occurring over a very short period of time marking the final hour of the Day of the Lord.  Immediately following these judgments will be the return of Christ who will destroy the world’s armies and the Antichrist in the Battle of Armageddon.  This chapter takes a look at the bowl judgments as a whole and then the next two chapters look back as they focus on Babylon and the world system led by Satan, Antichrist, and the false prophet.  We will see that the 7 bowl judgments are poured: Continue reading


The Heart of Worship Revelation 15

LThe Song of the Lamb

15 Then I saw another sign in heaven, great and amazing, seven angels with seven plagues, which are the last, for with them the wrath of God is finished.

We come to Revelation 15 where John sees another sign in heaven; he calls it great and amazing, seven angels with seven plagues, which are the last, for with them the wrath of God is finished. Continue reading


The Messengers Revelation 14

mChapter 14 is another parenthesis in the progression of the end times.  We have seen the letters to the churches, the rapture of the church, scenes of worship from the throne of heaven, the seals broken, the trumpet judgments, a look at the role of Israel, the beast, the antichrist, the false prophet and now we come to a quick pause before proceeding to the final bowl judgments which will usher in the return of Christ and the final doom of Satan and his followers.  Again in this chapter we fast-forward for a quick peek of Christ returning to Mount Zion and then back up to angelic messengers with warnings and then fast-forward again to judgment and Armageddon.  So hold on to your seats as we again take a roller coaster ride better than any amusement park could ever offer. Continue reading


The Apostate Church Revelation 13:1

AppleLast week in chapter twelve we were introduced to some new characters in our story, The Woman, The Dragon and The Male Child who we learned represented Israel, Satan and Jesus Christ our Messiah. We were given the birds eye perspective of the history of Israel, and Satan’s intent and continual efforts to destroy her and the child that she carried and in due time brought forth, Jesus Christ.  Satan was not successful in his attempts to devour Jesus as soon as he was born, although he tried through Herod by killing every male child two years old and under throughout the region of Bethlehem.  (Matthew 2:16)  All throughout Jesus’ ministry to the Jews, Satan tried to destroy Jesus through temptation and through the Jews who sought an opportunity to kill him but were unsuccessful, Jesus either walked away right through their midst or walked away because the fear of the uprising of the people held the Pharisees back. Finally, the opportune time came, the time God himself appointed, through the person God had appointed, Judas Iscariot, who was willing to betray Jesus and given the opportunity did so. Continue reading


The Woman, The Dragon, The Child Revelation 12

This chapter in Revelation is another parenthesis in the progression of the judgments and God’s dealing with mankind.  This chapter will span thousands of years from Genesis through Revelation.  We will look into the past and look into the future.  There is much symbolism in our text for this week and we will carefully look and see how those symbols or signs fit into the picture John is giving us as revealed by God to him.  There are three main players in this chapter:  the woman, the dragon, and the child.  These three represent Israel, Satan, and Jesus.  You must see the role of all three to get the understanding of this book.  So let’s take a deep breath and read and see what God reveals to us tonight. Continue reading